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This site is a register of World Wide Web resources which mislead their visitors on important historic, scientific, ecological and political questions.

It is particularly concerned with sites which claim to be ‘alternative’, ‘progressive’, ‘left-wing’, ‘socialist’ or ‘revolutionary’, which peddle disinformation. Such sites harm democracy, peace and the fight for social justice much more than the corporate media. At least the corporate mainstream media can be expected to lie, but when, as examples, the former  defend wars started in recent years by the US, NATO and their allies, or uphold the principle justification for the current “War on Terror”, namely the official account of the 9/11 terrorist attack and dismiss those who question that account as “conspiracy nuts”, it makes it that much easier for the ruling elites gain public acceptance of their wars.  One site on which the disinformation is particularly obvious to informed visitors is the supposedly Trotskyist British group, “Workers Liberty”  (http://workersliberty.org)> Workers Liberty cheered NATO’s aerial bombardment of, and ground intervention in Libya for months. It is now also calling for another NATO invasion of Syria. A comparison between these articles and those in the pro-war mainstream media would be interesting as would also be a comparison with articles in Global Research where far more informed and truthful articles about Libya and Syria are to be found.

Any visitor is welcome to post his/her own comments, whether supportive or critical, as long as it adds to the discussion.  Our policy is not to censor, as we are confident that all that is posted here can be defended with evidence and logic (and if it can’t be, we change our minds as Keynes was reputed to have said) .  Conceivably, if any visitor were to post comments which are too verbose or to make an excessive number of contributions we may ask that person to post elsewhere, but we would still also allow that person to post links back to the material on his/her site, so that others can still find the contrary material and form their own judgment.

People from sites labeled on this site as disinformation are particularly welcome to post comments to try to explain why their sites are not disinformation, although we will be surprised if any do.


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